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When I first started writing stories, I dreamed of time traveling five years into the future.

I imagined myself with storytelling superpowers.

And now, 22 years later, I feel like I’m finally in the future.

Because on top of my own expertise and experience, I now have AI to help me build worlds.

I can’t even imagine writing those words 30 days ago.

Frankly, I’ve been a little afraid of how AI will change the world of fiction, writing, and publishing.

Yet I am a firm believer in fear being the true path. So I stepped into the unknown in 2023, and I started to explore possibilities and applications within the widely popular Chat GPT powered by the Open AI platform.

After some experimentation this month, I am confident creators like you, and I, will thrive in the age of AI.

In fact, I’m here to give you breakthrough techniques to crowdsource the wisdom of the web.

So I am waiting no longer to release these cutting-edge tips to harness AI.

I’m giving away these prompts in a video which is not my typical format. (This video serves as my freebie for new email subscribers.)

But please move fast because I don’t know when they will start charging for Chat GPT, or if they will limit any of its capabilities in a future free version.

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— David