BREAKING NEWS: New Shortcut “CTL-ALT-BLV” Dissolves Illusory Views Revealing New Kingdom. Read full story below.

(CTL) CONTROL your view

I’m kind of a CTL FRK, so I like to closely monitor everything I view.

And this past week, I viewed a video that will not leave me.

Sadly, I know humanity is suffering. I know your pain because we email. I have heard your hurt.

It sucks.

Except I cannot CTL your pain. I also cannot CTL the safety of humankind. I cannot CTL the division built by those who wish to separate our original natures. I cannot CTL the monsters that torture the young Ones.

What do you do when you feel like you’ve lost CTL?

What if you never had CTL?

What if you’ve always been in CTL?

What if you could CTL more than your view?


Back to the video: I think it’s worth viewing to see how you’ll CTL your view toward it.

BREAKING NEWS: Blogger’s 2 Friend* Study Finds America’s Split on New Documentary
* Blogger’s 2 friends are different genders + they live in different states

— Friend #1 response:

“So I watched it. It’s definitely interesting but I just don’t see the nefarious plot they see.”

— Friend #2 response:

“K and I watched the shadows doc you sent. We are officially WOKE. Lol”

(ALT) ALTERNATE your view

One of the hardest parts about coming to CTL your view is that you must first ALT it.

Meaning you must break away from views promoting nothing but despair and chaos… meaning you must innerstand how your views are skewed through backchannels.

The data you input feeds the data you output—so in order to reclaim yourself as the true viewer—many must sever themselves from CTL’ing sources.

Maybe it’s cutting off a toxic friend or kin? Maybe it’s turning off a disturbing show or habit? Maybe it’s silencing an inner voice lying to you nonstop?

Either way, you must often ALT your state before you can CTL your view.

I’m still working on this in my life right now. I’m addicted to sugar. Donuts were my flavor yesterday morning. I’m thinking cinnamon gummies tonight.

Blah, I know sweets are a nasty drug—so I must ALT my view toward them—because I will not reach my full potential until I kick this—because I know it puts my mind, body, and Spirit on crutches—and I know Spirit has plans for me.

Spirit has plans for you, too.

I saw something the other day. I think something’s coming, and it requires me and you to ALT and upgrade our views.

(BLV) BELIEVE your view

How big do you BLV?

I realized this week that I’ve been BLV’ing way too small. Of course, one of my core focuses remains making my make-BLV stories become my livelihood.

Years ago, I actually told friends and fam that I would make this dream come true. In fact, a buddy recently told me that he remembered my claim, he thought I’d do it, and he was surprised it hadn’t happened yet.

I thanked him for BLV’ing in me. I also told him I BLV’ed in myself, but I knew why it hadn’t happened yet.

Answer: I’m still scared—because the responsibility of actualizing my waking dream dwarfs merely fantasizing about it.

Yet I continue to BLV in myself and way more.

I BLV Spirit is moving mountains right now.

Granted, the Enemy continues to fight back—but have faith—because things are happening between the seams.

I BLV that behind the scenes, crimes are being unwound and humans are being unbound. All things will be revealed indeed.

I BLV there is a Great Awakening happening. I BLV we are becoming lucid to the truth about this realm. The overlay is dissolving.

What do you BLV?

If you’re still trying to figure that out, don’t forget to hold down CTL-ALT before hitting BLV.