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Have you ever felt like your characters fall short of their potential?

A mentor once told me my favorite character resembled a paper doll.


You know the feeling – staring at a blank screen, trying to bring characters to life…

You believe your cast has the power to illuminate the true nature of humanity, but developing your characters can seem like assembling a puzzle without any edge pieces.

So, in early January, I explored the brave new world of ChatGPT.

One of my characters needed a creative boost, and despite fears of the AI apocalypse, I decided to play with AI. 🃏🤖

What I found was that AI acts more like a paintbrush than a paint-by-numbers kit – it’s a tool that can enhance, but not replace, an artist’s creative vision.

In this article, I’ll show you how ChatGPT can help you get to know your characters on a deeper level – better than your closest friends, family, or even yourself. 🤯

The Power of Curiosity

A few weeks ago, I discussed the connection between critical thinking and creative writing.

Good creative writers may not have all the answers, but they understand the importance of seeking new intelligence for growth. Like them, critical thinkers can analyze situations, come up with thought-provoking questions, and brainstorm fresh ideas.

However, finding the right questions isn’t always easy and often involves trial and error. Plus, answering your own questions can be a grind.

But what if you could use a starter prompt to get things moving and receive initial responses that steer you in the right direction?

Enter ChatGPT

Being stuck sucks.

In my case, I needed to enhance my antagonist (whom I consider the most important character in your story).

However, just one exploratory character-building session with ChatGPT gave me enough ideas to get my character-driven story rolling again.

And once I realized the power of prompt engineering in early January, I started experimenting with how to create complete character profiles – at the very least, a character profile detailed enough to help me discover aspects that I could adapt to my cast.

ChatGPT Character Generator

Whether you’re crafting a fantasy epic, a sci-fi adventure, heart-pounding thriller, horror, romance, or any genre(!), ChatGPT has got your back.

Give this customizable prompt a chance and see what it can do for you…

To ensure a smooth submission to ChatGPT, follow these five steps:

    1. Copy the prompt from the box below
    2. Access ChatGPT (login or signup)
    3. Paste the prompt into the text input field
    4. Edit the bold purple text between the brackets
    5. Watch your character begin to come alive



Assume you are an AI supporting fiction writers in crafting extraordinary characters that delve deep into the human experience. With this artistic objective in mind:

Design a fictional CHARACTER PROFILE utilizing the information below:

Genre: [Enter your genre, e.g. Fantasy]

Character’s Role or Story Description: [Enter a brief description of the character’s role or the story, e.g. A story about a circus barker who accidentally created a fire-breathing elephant]


  1. Complete the bracketed fields in the CHARACTER PROFILE with imaginative, non-generic, and captivating information.
  2. Utilize your extensive understanding of storytelling, creative writing, human psychology, and behavior to generate unconventional, intriguing, and one-of-a-kind results.
  3. Format the results in a structured and easy-to-copy manner, with clear separation between each element of the CHARACTER PROFILE.


  • First Name: [Name]
  • First Name Meaning: [Meaning]
  • Age: [Number]
  • Flaw to overcome: [Description]
  • Grand ambition: [Description]
  • Life lesson to be realized: [Description]
  • Largest regret: [Description]
  • Covert celebrity infatuation: [Description]
  • Major dating deal breaker: [Description]
  • Most humiliating event to date: [Description]
  • Strangest act in public or on a date: [Description]
  • Absurd statement made to win someone’s admiration: [Description]
  • Most mortifying workplace incident: [Description]
  • Weirdest prize or gift ever received: [Description]
  • Most treasured possession: [Description]
  • Eccentricities and routines: [Description]
  • Top book or film: [Title]
  • Undisclosed characteristic: [Description]
  • Animal companion(s): [Description]


Customize Your Results

The true beauty of the prompt lies in its adaptability.

You can modify the prompt however you see fit with any question you desire, or rewrite the prompt itself to suit your needs.

Get this: You can also replace the bracketed fields inside the Character Profile with your story’s details so it generates specific ideas around your work in progress. 

You can change or add any component you want. For instance, replace “First Name: [Name]” with “First Name: Cornelius

You are the creative director.

Keep Exploring & Experimenting

Remember, ChatGPT is a tool – but its full potential can only be realized when approached with an experimental mindset.

Stay sharp, think critically, write creatively, and keep moving your story forward. 🙂

That’s it for this Saturday.

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