Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl stays true to the Storytelling Blueprint. See below for a plot structure breakdown…

Part 1

1%-26%  –  Status Quo a.k.a. Setup

  • Amy’s disappeared & Nick’s looked at as a suspect while the characters/setting of N. Carthage, MO are established

Part 2

26%-49%  –  Reactivity a.k.a. Caution

  • Nick responds to the new treasure hunt clues, the investigation piles up a mountain of evidence against him & his fake side is exposed

Part 3

50%-73%  –  Proactivity a.k.a. Attack

  • Nick goes on the offensive, hires a celebrity lawyer, starts to actually tell the truth, begins to try & win people over & repair his tarnished reputation

Part 4

74%-100%  –  Lucidity a.k.a. Resolution

  • Nick’s TV appearance gets Amy home, he navigates her return including the aftermath while deciding both his & Amy’s fate

Key Plot Milestones

1% – Seize a.k.a. Hook

  • Nick eerily describes Amy’s head, inside & out

25% – Story Goal Launch a.k.a. 1st Plot Point

  • Amy’s diary details she is afraid & she feels like she could disappear, Nick will have to prove his innocence

37% – Face Time a.k.a. 1st Pinch

  • Amy’s flashback: Nick gets home after cheating & both showcase their double faced ways & deceit

49% – Illumination a.k.a. Midpoint

  • Amy reveals in a new journal entry that she’s alive & she’s been framed for her disappearance & soon, her murder

61% – Face Time 2.0 a.k.a. 2nd Pinch

  • Nick’s flashback: Amy “doles out punishment” after a driver cuts her off, displaying her cutthroat potential

73% – Story Goal Enlightenment a.k.a. 2nd Plot Point

  • Amy watches Nick on TV as he explains he wants her home, he;ll make it all up, he’ll find her & he loves her forever

89% – Face Time Apex a.k.a. Climax

  • Nick confronts Amy after she returns home bloody & alive

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