TSS #018: Are You Guilty of Hoarding This Valuable Asset?

by | Sep 24, 2022

Read Time: 2 minutes

I married a bone collector.

This revelation came to light when I opened a drawer and discovered a pile of teeth. Apparently my wife had been saving our children’s baby teeth.

Teeth are not really bones but they might as well be. They look like them, they’re just as hard and they fuel their own underground economy.

Inside this black market our kids are trained to hide their teeth under pillows. Then the grown ups wait for the kids pass out before trading their canines for cash.

“Go to sleep child so we can reward you for expendable body parts.”

Bone collecting runs in my wife’s family, too.

Because one time at my mother-in-law’s house, I watched my niece scream after she opened a box of teeth. My mother-in-law couldn’t identify the original owners of the teeth.

“Why did you keep them” I asked.

“Kids like looking at old teeth,” she said.



I hoard ideas. 

One of these ideas recently broke loose into a complex project causing me intermittent panic. Because this novel writing adventure course is unlike anything I’ve ever produced.

I’m scared the final product will not bring my vision to life.

Apparently I’m a fear collector, too…

Which brings to mind Steven Pressfield’s Do The Work. Because his book proposes that fits of panic could mean you’re standing on the precipice of success.


I bet you’ve got a bunch of ideas somewhere. 

Maybe they’re saved on your phone, hand-written in a journal or mapped to your brain.

When was the last time you took inventory of your ideas?

Is there one big idea that you’ve tucked away? Are you scared to peek because it may look similar to a box of teeth?

Yep, that’s a nasty thing to visualize except that’s the point.

I began to despise looking at my big ideas because I knew I was just sitting on them. 

And while going through all of my ideas the past month, I realized my current product is exactly what I brainstormed a year ago.

It’s a wonderful thing to collect ideas but they matter minimal if they stay locked in a drawer. Especially the scary ideas because they’re often the most valuable assets you can invest in creating. 


I encourage you to take the next step with just one of your ideas you’ve been holding onto.

Maybe it’s asking someone for feedback to move your story forward. Or maybe it’s you finally pushing the START button on that big idea you’ve been too scared to pursue.

Either way, it’s definitely time to do the work if you already know the next step you should take.

Right now I’m creating a storytelling gamecourse that will allow fiction writers to outline their plots like never before. I’m also building my own underground economy because this program will earn revenue.

But more than anything, I’m excited that one of my big scary ideas is coming to life regardless of how messy it may be.

Take Action Today:

  • Are you a bone collector who needs to divest your depreciating assets?
  • Do you have a warehouse of ideas to sift through? 
  • Are you open to taking the next step with just one of your ideas, big or small? 
  • What are you capable of creating in this world?
  • Are you willing to try and find out by reaching for your potential?

That’s it for this Saturday.

If found value in this post, would you consider sharing it? Maybe you’ll be helping someone create the story they’ve always wanted to write.

See ya next week!

— David