“Make it About them, and they’ll make it About you.”

That’s what a past mentor once told me.

Make it About who?

I’m not sure what’s best so I’m going to just record my thoughts in this timestamped moment on 4/19/2019.

How will we connect?

Why would we connect?

How does one connect?

What is a connection?

It begins with “Hello.”

It often becomes emails About me from me.

I usually ask you to email me About anything, but mostly About how you are experiencing this created realm in which we live and exist.

That’s how we will connect.

But why would we connect?

Because we are created to connect, within and without.

Yes, one must connect with oneself.

Yet one must still connect with others to expand the experience.

Because the best connections are those with many meetings outside me, myself, and I.

I have emailed with hundreds of people About different connections, and I remain thankful for what I’ve learned and shared throughout them.

Hmm, you’re still here.


Let’s skip to the next day when I once again played with this piece on 4/20/2019.

The thoughts fall.

What do I want?

I want to help you.

How do I help you?

I help myself.

I help myself first so I am strong enough to help you.

I help myself by sharing how I’m helping myself.

I help you help yourself by seeing myself.

We then help each other.

It’s only done when false layers, filters, personas, shadows, overlays, and dark truths dissolve.

Or burn.

The fire refines.


New play date with this piece on 4/21/2019.

I am smiling.

I thought of a man who died.

But he also lived.

In the past few months, I have connected with three men who have shared their experiences of death.

Of course, they also lived.

You are inside a dimension of my mind.

I am offering you me, myself, and I.

What is my darkest fear?

Losing my income stream that supports my family.

Which dimension would I want my mind to enter if such a thing occurred?

One of gratitude.

I am blessed beyond comprehension.

I am sovereign.

Yet I forget.

We can connect by helping each other remember.

Did we choose to forget so we could remember?

Was that what this game was About?