Open Letter from Your Antagonist

TSS #009: An Open Letter from Your Villain

by | Jul 23, 2022

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To whom it should concern:

I’m the devil you need but don’t want to exist.

Don’t dare challenge that. Why else would you write an entire story trying to stop me? Hell, I’m lucky if I survive your story.

Yet my purpose here is not to beg for salvation. I’m writing because you give your hero too much credit.

You fail to respect that I’m doing the work that matters. 

Your hero doesn’t stand for anything until I get in the way. I’m the one who creates the conflict that saves your readers from boredom.

I’m the real hero.

So listen here all you unappreciative storytellers… 

You will deeply consider the depths of my temperament.

I permit you to position me as the devil, but recognize your hero and story are nothing without me.

Praise my significance.

Admire my presence.

Otherwise, I’ll do to your story what I intend to do to your hero.


Your Villain

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— David