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TSS #020: 10 Tenets for Every Writer Who Wants to Quit Their 9-5 Some Day

by | Oct 8, 2022

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My boss wouldn’t let me choose the cream cheese.

We were getting bagels for a sales training. I grabbed the strawberry and plain schmear. But despite being his number one sales rep for years, my boss wouldn’t let me pick the flavors. He demanded only plain.

That was the morning I realized I had to escape the shackles of my 9-5. 

So I doubled down on my creative endeavors and within two years my dreams started coming true.

My community grew to thousands. Speakers began to recognize me at conferences. Podcast invitations started coming. My new course earned testimonials and legit side income.

But I was completely unfulfilledbecause I hadn’t clarified what I really wanted or believed.

Five years later and I’ve solidified my principles for a creative dream life. Now as a full-time writer and entrepreneur, these tenets guide my creative spirit while building my business and community.

I encourage you to consider and embrace these 10 tenets, but more so, I challenge you to compose your own belief system to ensure you’re building the creative dream life that fulfills you.

1/ Start in the heart, not the wallet

Writing for money to escape a job you hate can easily corrupt your creativity. Build your legacy around connection vs. monetization.

2/ You are the One you’ve been waiting for

Nobody’s coming with a magic bullet. Embrace that your potential is determined by your own free will and action. 

3/ Growing your business is an inside job

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on the craft of storytelling and self-improvement (books, courses, coaching, conferences, retreats, mastermind groups). But not a single investment made a lasting impact when my mindset was infected with fear, self-doubt or imposter syndrome. First compose your headspace. Then master your page breaks.

4/ Feedback is a fast track to improving your craft

But who wants to hear their creative baby is ugly? Alas, criticism is the cost of entry for becoming the creator you’re meant to be.

5/ Make time for what matters most

Track your days and you’ll find the ways you’re shaping your dreams. Being honest about your priorities is a major step to rewriting the story of your life. 

6/ Developing a writing habit can be life-changing

Journal your reality. Free your fiction. Write anything. Releasing your POV can bring clarity to your life both on and off the page.

7/ Fear is the true path

I’m 92% introvert, but without braving new projects, people, and places I’d still be the same kid I was decades ago. Step outside your comfort zone to expand your potential.

8/ Trust your creative compass

I’ve paid and followed the advice of many “big-time” mentors and coaches but it’s often sent me off-track. Sometimes you have to bet on yourself. Honor your instinct because nobody should know you better than you.

9/ The “natural born storyteller” is mostly a myth

Yes, storytelling savants exist. But most skilled storytellers are people who simply practiced the craft to come across as natural. Practice doesn’t make perfect but it does hone potential.

10/ Be uncommon — Choose courage over coping

I believe television is the number one dream killer. But streaming isn’t the only culprit. The over consumption of anything is really about coping which can easily kill creativity. It takes courage to opt out of zombie mode and actively pursue your dreams. Adopt a little courage everyday and you’ll be a hero someday. 

Take Action Today:

  • Draft your core tenets around the creative dream life that you believe will fulfill you.

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— David