A Wilderness of Gratitude

I moved to a cabin in the woods…

by | Nov 21, 2018

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I moved to a cabin house in the woods.

The third night here, lightning produced a spectrum of wonder.

The same night, a firefly flew into frame.

The next evening, a toad exited the front door.

Twice in the first week, a deer and its doe re-entered the forest from my lawn.

Twice in ten days, I looked outside where a bird flew into the window – each occurrence ending in death.

Twice in the same day, I used a shark to compel an unwanted guest to depart.

Another day, I observed a bumble bee buzzed on pollen.

One random day, a butterfly with blue on jet black wings flapped past – while opting against a photo op.

One independent day, my daughter played with fire.

Most days, my dog explores the new backyard where my son found a snake which he promptly named, “Charlie.”

Many evenings, the birds and cicadas compete for which can orchestrate the strongest chorus.

After dark, a hammock supports an open view to falling stars and colors in space.

Except one day, someone capitalized on the darkness to steal another’s property resting here.

Another day, sheets of rain fell and flooded my living room.

Just the other day, a truck drove over Gizmo (the feline, not Mogwai) without a scratch.

All of these experiences fill my Spirit.

And I share these experiences because I am compelled to offer the world through my lens. 

And I am blessed with the opportunity for us to resonate. 

Because you and I are connected – yet it seems we should meet and greet again – because it’s been some time since I regularly messaged you (outside of autoresponders). 

Time drifted while I was enveloped in another project.

Except after I finished that creation, my mind continued to shift as I contemplated how to best support this community of lucid beings.

Thankfully, I see the path to consistently create, help, and entertain.

So I look forward to traveling the path while telling new and strange stories – like maybe the recent time the man named Parsons knocked on my door and inquired if I owned the nearby property with the cave with apparent Indian drawings on its walls – or maybe the time the lizard played hide and seek under the broken floor board – or maybe the times the mystery entity haunted my attic.

In the meantime, I simply wanted to holler and share that I am still here, I am thankful you’re giving me a shot to share what I got, and I look forward to creating new and strange stories together.


David Villalva (Vee-yahl-vah)

Lucid Storyteller (Self-proclaimed)