I love to escape to create.

What’s the alternative? Escape to consume?

Minutes ago, as I stood inside this hotel room’s bathroom, I thought about how once my relief session ended, I’d get to meet you on the page in this very moment.

And during this very minute, I am thinking of my wonderful wifey who may FYI me about my TMI – except this isn’t the first time I’ve let you inside the outhouse.

No matter on that matter though, because it’s time we move beyond TMI into NDA, because it’s been a rough week.

I probably won’t mention this again until it passes, but I recently realized the title of chronic pain could be assigned to my persisting suffering. Straight up, I never thought I’d be one to know this brand of pain so intimately.

Of course, I don’t tell you that for attention or pity. I just want you to know me as I was this past week. Plus, I got this.

In fact, I try to laugh when a new pain threshold is achieved. I have given it just one cry. Not in the moment of the pain, but at a moment of exhaustion after working out Monday morning. Yeah, so that happened this past week as well.

Men are not supposed to cry.

The above sentence is not my original thought. But I cannot identify the place where it was first planted.

Moving on, I know the spasms will soon flee. I’ve seen it. I can feel it.

But maybe I like this twisted ride?

Why else would I have grown this pain inside me?

Anyway, my novel outline is still moving along despite such things, but it was a rough week here, too. It’s just that I can’t yet see some pieces. However, I know it will come together. Also, it doesn’t hurt that things always work out – for better or worse.

So far, I have seen 3 of the 4 Parts along with 6 of the 7 Plot Milestones.

“We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to bring you this important message:

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We now return to our regularly scheduled thought parade.

All around, I am scared at what’s left to be done, but I’m also thrilled because I’ve never created a storyworld as vast as this. It’s all coming together, fast. The End is truly nigh.

Okay, enough about me. How was your week?

Comment below or contact me to let me know.