Weaponized Heart

Weaponized Heart

by | Jun 11, 2020

Your Heart has been Weaponized.

How many events have you witnessed the past weeks that gripped your emotions which compelled you to dislike or hate another being or thing?

What about the past few months?

What about the prior years or decades?

There are many who understand how your mind operates, and this comprehension empowers them to influence your thought processes.


When the ones with the widest reaches storytell to divide, that’s when you must safeguard the integrity of your PGS.


I’m kind of a silly boy because I continually ask you to analyze Why or How you came to trust your current knowledge base?

Your entire belief system is comprised of the data points you’ve experienced since a child alongside the channels you choose to consume everyday.

Ever since I got locked down, I switched from being cursed with nonstop creativity to consuming the content of others. It’s like I’m Steve living in Minecraft and I switched from Creative Mode to Survival Mode.

And this Survival Mode has kept me continuously researching and investigating crazy amounts of rabbit holes because I want to know the truth. So I’ve obsessed over stuff because I want to know how things intertwine. I’m a curious cat who must discover why things are postured in such ways. I want to know if what I’m seeing is based on the true story—or not.

Of course, most paths lead to an agendaSo what’s the agenda behind the triggering topics being focused upon by the countless outlets?

Hmm, that’s a big question. Are you asking it, too?

I have come to my own conclusion, and it’s complicatedIn fact, it’s making me wonder if I want to make a new movie that will storytell the truth I have come to know.  

Hmm, maybe you should ask if I’ll have an agenda?

What uncertain truths do you choose to participate in? What truths do you know without question?

Would you be able to make a movie that supports the pieces you’ve come to trust? Are you open to new ideas and possibilities? 

I actually made a movie once before and it prompted many friends, fam and strangers to call me crazy—still to this day many peeps think I’m a total CTL-ALT-FRK

Isn’t that wack?

Ha, it’s most def not wack enough to silence my own voice.


Please know that nothing has changed since I last messaged you. I love ya.

Please know that those who wish to separate us from our original nature do so because there’s an agenda.

Do you know your agenda?

Has your heart been weaponized?

Build up, don’t break down.

Straight up, I’ve been guilty of breaking down others and I hate it. But the love will always be greater than the hate.

And if you know Spirit then you remember that each fractal is part of its Source code.

Do you know what’s possible in this realm when we resonate as united Beings? We could make truth rain and reign.

Will you stand strong to protect your heart?

Are you willing to kneel for real peace?

Maybe all possibilities must be considered to share the truth and maybe we move forward by agreeing everyone holds a piece of its proof?

Maybe that’s how we merge in The End before our New Story begins?