The Hacks of Life

The Hacks of Life

by | Jul 9, 2020

During some of my life I’ve been a hack but during most acts I’ve hacked the crap out of it.

There’s the time I mastered lucid dreaming each night and made it the best VR game in town. There’s also the time I journaled everyday for 1 year to identify trends that unlocked how to debug my misprogrammed psyche. Then there’s the time I dialed in my internal alarm clock to wake with intent.

Those are the times when I perfectly united with Spirit and innerstood that no matter what happens to this body, all will be well.

The process of hacking is executed through the concept of investigating and exploring. It’s a matter of overstanding how the most imperfect pieces fit so we can complete the puzzle for the Win. This is the As-Seen-On-TV experience so many people need to meet.

Wisdom enters when your heart’s on the line and you let its fire refine.

Betting big enough?

Never been burned?

Playing too safe?

Performing the role cast by those who wish to trap you in illusions?

Who’s doing your R&D work?

It’s easy to look around and observe the countless movements attempting to assimilate anyone—yet it should also be easy to see I don’t want anybody hacking my Eye—because that core chore belongs to me alone.

Of course, I’m open to receiving what others have come to accept—but at the same time just because something works for them, that doesn’t mean it’ll work the same for me—and vice versa.

So I must never force project my belief systems and meanings onto you. Maybe we all get to be Alice in Wonderland?

Of course, that means I meant it when I said others must stop trying to assign how I see through the Looking Glass.

But imagine what we could do with shared views?

You got yours which is cool and I got mine, too.

1 plus 1 equals 2.

I foresee happy days in simple truths.

Next comes remembrance sans penance.

Suddenly it’s unlimited refills for half-empty glasses.

Now everybody’s helping heal both real and invisible scars.

And this is how we unite our stars.

This is among my deepest dreams.

Do you think we can make this hacken?

Brothers and sisters, I’m talking peace on Earth in real fashion.