The History of Searching Domains

The History of Searching Domains

by | Jan 3, 2019

I do not know your history.

You do not know mine.

So let’s know more – beginning with this blog.

It has sparked and misfired many times.

Its first run domain name of never saw a host.

So I permitted the domain to die before it was reborn as

Story and Craft

A trademark and several posts later, I pivoted to

During its existence, I published many stories resulting in various “success.” Quality over quantity did some tricks.

And I developed an online course, but paused it to gather complete satisfaction – because I overdosed on mentorships which dimmed my creative guidance system (CGS).

Now, I reside at the

^That^ is where I reignited my deeper dream.

>This< is where new peace of mind re-launched the fast draft process.

This is where I shall remain until a new domain is required.

^That^ day may not come – so let’s focus on the story at hand – because it seems to reek of uncertainty.

You see, I did not know who I was – all the way.

And I could not fully understand why I wanted to create what I wanted – but I kept searching –  with or without domains.


Suddenly, I see who I am.


Except worry still tries to hide new creations from entering this domain.

But I unravel the doubt – and then <I> see where and what I have been.


And then I remember who I am – and I see how I will be(come).

Will you be(come) with me?

Is (lucidity) with you?

Have you searched your history?

Do you know where you have been?

Does fear haunt what you have(n’t) done?

Do you believe backstory reveals purpose?

Have you unraveled the dimensions of these things?

Where must you explore to reignite your deeper dream?

Are you still seeking who you must be(come)?

If not, how can (lucidity) find your domain?