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I just wanted to loop you about a few events I’m really excited about.

First, my friends, Larry Brooks and Jennifer Blanchard, are running a 4-day novel development retreat in Portland, Oregon on April 3-7.

  • The event is called Your Story On Steroids, and I believe everyone who attends will come away a changed writer. Definitely check it out at and try to attend.
  • If anything, please share the event on Facebook by just clicking HERE, assuming you’re open to supporting Larry and Jennifer.  😉

Second, just a heads up I’ll be attending the Dallas Fort Worth Writers Conference on April 23-24.

  • The primary reason I’m hitting this conference is to break some bread with my mentor, Kristen Lamb, but I’m also attending to connect with other creative writers like me.
  • So if you plan on attending the conference, send me a message so we can connect in person.

Last, I also wanted to loop everyone about another writers conference coming up later this year. I’m referring to the Tribe Conference.

  • Straight up, this remains my favorite writers conference I’ve ever attended. Jeff Goins is a unique friend, and he runs a unique conference so I hope to see your unique self there.
  • If you’re interested in what Tribe Conference was like last year, read my take by clicking HERE, and get your ticket HERE.

Thanks again and I’ll send you a new piece sooner than later!

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