There is progress in the novel writing process. My creation game relaunched October 1, 2019 because:

 ❓How many novel drafts have I trunked without publication?

 ⚠️ Enough.

So after sidelining fiction writing for a few in lieu of alternative projects, I am once again committed to creating something that makes you believe in the make-believe.

Game on.


The creative process started with Introductions.

Simple objectives were done, mostly for fun.

Then I focused on my Core Ideas.

Because What If? your theme can be intertwined with your Why?

Next, life was given to the Story Heart.

Four key elements were identified and connected.


I’ve been having a blast building my storyworld this month.

There’s magic in the imagination.

Never danced this fast with the page either.

I’ve missed this. 🙂


The inevitable is The End.

I’ve never doubted this.

Do you?

Please do not.

Because there are too many available outlets to help you finish.

Including the Fast Draft Novel Writing Process, a free online course designed to help you brainstorm, outline, and write your story, fast.

Check it out here.

 🏁 Meet me at the finish line.

Keep creating and: