It’s Pretty Funny, I’m Scared

by | Apr 25, 2019

I’m scared to do this.

But I’m still doing it.

With this in mind, I am changing my blog name.


It’s pretty funny.

Because I debated not changing due to what people would think and say.

“David is so indecisive.”

“Can’t DV stick with anything?”

“Mr. Villalva will never stop changing.”

It’s pretty funny.

They’re right.

More or less.

I am often indecisive.

I am mostly unstickable.

I am always changing.

I am many assigned words.

It’s pretty funny.

This name game started at birth for all of us.

You were the son.

The daughter.

But not everyone was one of these.

Some were the mistake.

The accident.

It’s not pretty funny.

Because I didn’t want to build a name that I didn’t assign.

I did not choose David Jess William Villalva as my name.

It was assigned to me by the loving humans who built me inside the one called “Mother.”

And I’ve complied with their assigned name by opting against changing it.

It’s really pretty funny.

Did you know you could name yourself anything?

Who needs a stamp of approval?

I’ve called myself many names since birth.

Da Daver.

Lil Devil.

Dr. D.

Many have called me different last names.


Luva Luva.


It’s pretty funny.

I am still calling myself new names.

The initial assignments often derive through instinct.

Their meanings mean minimal unless they first empower my mind.

But it’s the actions behind them that are always most meaningful.

It’s pretty funny.

I could say and think many things.

I love you.

I forgive you.

I thank you.

But the words become most powerful through action.

I open the door for you.

I smile at you.

I hug you.

It’s pretty funny.

I created a story about being a father.

I created a marriage.

I created a son.

I created a daughter.

I created a new need.

I created wanting more.

It’s pretty funny.

If I didn’t change, I would still be the same.

If I didn’t take new actions, I would still be in a past domain.

If I didn’t prepare myself for more assigned names, I’d never do this.

It’s pretty funny.

Because I’m doing it.

I’m changing my domain.

I’m assigning an old name as the new name.


Welcome back

It’s pretty funny.

Who cares, right?

Well, I care.

It’s just that I care more about being my-ever-changing-self than the unknown.

So I’m embracing my assigned name.

I’m David Villalva.

And I’m


It’s pretty funny.

Because I just showed you what I really look like.

And you watched as my fear dissipated.

Yes, I’m no longer scared to do it.

Because it’s not about what I call the domain.

Most important is how I help, entertain, and encourage using any assigned name.