Wait! Please stay subscribed because I’m not shutting down my blog!

I’m just switching my domain from StoryandCraft.net to DavidVillalva.com along with updating my email address and logo. Here’s the new logo in case you’re curious what it looks like:



Of course, I’m still going to write and create the same kind of stuff that helps you craft stories that connect with readers… Or I’ll simply entertain you the best I can by sharing embarrassing stories and personal failures.

I went this route because I really want to build everything around my name as a writer, storyteller and soon-to-be published author (my debut novel’s coming in 2016).

I kind of wanted to use my name when I first launched my blog but feared Villalva would be too troublesome for people to spell. I’ve realized most stuff is linked anyway and if someone really wants to check me out, they’ll figure it out.

Anyway, I got more stuff coming your way soon. I just wanted to loop you in case you visited the site and saw the change.

Of course, I always want to grow my reach and help as many people as possible so if you’re up to it, please share my site’s new domain using any of the social share buttons at the beginning or end of this post.

P.S. Feel free to leave a comment with feedback or questions below. Just don’t ask me How to Craft a Remarkable Villain (Beyond the Clichés) because if you want that, you’ll have to visit my guest post HERE which The Write Life recently promoted while awarding Christine Frazier’s Better Novel Project as one of The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2016. Congrats my (unrelated) sis, you rock!

Image courtesy of Faithie /Depositphotos.com