I Killed a Darling, and I Liked It

by | Jun 5, 2019

The darling revisited our past pages:

  “You said such nice things in the beginning.”

  “You weaved sweet and savory.”

  “You wrote like each word was our first.”

Being a determined storyteller, I played the part between the page:

  “It’s not me, it’s you.”

  “You don’t complete me.”

  “Your death is for the best.”

The darling mourned for our lost pages:

  “But you said you loved me?”

  “Why did you create me?”

  “What about our happily ever after?”

Being a storyteller of faith, I remained open to the unknown:

  “Yes, we shared something special.”

  “And it’s possible that someday, you may be reborn.”

  “But today, your pages must be torn.”


 I killed a darling, and I liked it.