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Module 5: Plot Blueprint

Lesson 4 (of 4) – Approaches

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Worksheet Action Step(s):

Action Step #1 – Your plotting approaches:

Choose one plotting approach to start outlining your story by creating at least 3 Plot Milestones for your scene outline

It’s time to start brainstorming your Plot Milestones and begin thinking about different ways you can create your overarching plotline.

So please create at least 3 Plot Milestones to begin solidifying your Plot Structure. (Keep in mind that every scene and Plot Milestone will be outlined in the next module).

Choose 1 of these 3 recommended plotting approaches (or your own) to jumpstart your outlining process:

#1. Create bookends for the story you want to tell
 * Focus on the SEIZE/Hook, your STORY GOAL LAUNCH/1st Plot Point, and your FACE TIME APEX/Climax. Brainstorm how you’ll launch your story and Hook the reader, focus on your protagonist’s overarching Story Goal, and come up with a cool Climax. 

#2. Create the primary conflict between your protagonist and antagonist.
* Focus on the 3 FACE TIME Plot Milestones including the 1st Pinch Point, 2nd Pinch Point, and Climax. Remember that your antagonist drives the primary conflict in the story so securing these moments will greatly support the rest of your story.
Note: If you choose this 2nd option to begin outlining your story, you should check out the 3 Ways to Create a Villain Infographic at This infographic showcases the primary conflict inside two popular stories.

#3. Re-invent the 7 Plot Milestones from your favorite story inside your genre. (This plotting approach is the most strongly recommended option.)
* Using the previous Plot Milestones Action Steps inside this course, take those Plot Milestones and position your characters and setting inside each of them. Then push yourself to evolve and transform these milestones into your own unique moments.

Action Step #2 – Your plotting feedback:

Share your new plot milestones with at least one Feedback Loop option

It’s always a good idea to get feedback throughout the creation process.

So please access at least one of your Feedback Loop options and discover how your potential audience may react to your story.

 ❓ What feedback did you receive regarding your new plot milestones?

 ❓ What feedback can you apply to improve your story?

 ❓ What new ideas did the feedback help you generate? Or did they say your story sounded similar to another popular story? If so, can you pull additional ideas from that popular story?

Has the Fast Draft Process helped you create your story in a new way?

If so, would you be open to sharing this course with a fellow storyteller?

Maybe you’ll be helping someone create the story they’ve always wanted to write?