BIG Dream

Dream a BIG Dream

by | Jan 21, 2021

This week, I’ve been dreaming a little BIG dream. In fact, I’ve been seeing and believing many things. Will you join me and help bring them into Being?


I dream all children, women and men are freed from slavery and captivity. Now!

I dream each mind finds safety and returns to its original home. Known.

I dream the Light ignites the hearts of mankind in supernatural ways that defy science and logic. Everyday.

I dream The United States of Consciousness begins to materialize. <10 Days. 

I dream The Lady from Alone is safe and sound. Forever.

I dream others learn my lesson because stealing is wicked. Atone.

I dream You remember who you are and where you’ve been, so you actualize that breaking news can’t stop where we’re going. Together.

I dream all programming is exposed and deposed. Truth.

I dream in the next 4.4 months, I crack the code on how to cultivate my creative skillset into a full-time Life that benefits Humanity. Love.

I dream nobody else poops their pants during school at the age of 5  followed by a priest asking them to sit on their lap. Levity.

I dream my messages meet everyone who needs or wants them, and that they don’t have to resubscribe 3 times in 2 years due to the AI’s robotical projects. i.e. Wife.

I dream no one else needs to learn to not punch windows while drunk and young. Dumb.

I dream others understand what it means when I share that in an instant, I stood there, went somewhere, returned, but cannot recall where I went. Strange.

I dream that as the overlay dissolves, the people allegedly “in the know” do not scream “I told you so!” Whoa.

I dream all Players choose and pursue Hope. Dope! 

I dream people pray instead of prey. Yay. ????

I dream we all dance in healing and bliss VS. our past acts balancing between guilt and rifts. Shift. 

What’s Big that you seek to bring into Being? Dream????????