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I am offering an online novel writing course.

For free.

8 modules, 40+ videos, 30+ action steps, and 1-of-a-kind illustrated storytelling maps.

No email address required.

No games.

No immediate guilt.

No future guilt.

The Fast Draft Novel Writing Process was designed to help you brainstorm, outline, and write a one-of-a-kind novel that connects with readers. Check it out HERE.

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For those opposed to talking heads, there are alternative options to purchase its entirety in print and digital workbooks. See below for all options:

1. PRINT PLAYBOOK: Entire Fast Draft Process in a paperback workbook. Write your answers on physical pages that you can smell, feel, flip, and grip. This includes everything in the free online course sans staring at more screens. $14

2. DIGITAL PLAYBOOK: Entire course on-screen in an editable workbook (PDF). Type your answers into fillable fields. This includes everything in the free online course except here you will avoid talking heads by reading all coursework, and saving your progress. $11

3. ONLINE COURSE: Entire course on internet. This includes everything except a print or digital workbook to write or type answers. Free