Have you ever considered ending your current game?

I’m referring to this game of life, and I’m proposing that you, the Player, wants to depart this game.

Hmm, it seems many Players are overcome while navigating this realm known as earth resulting in players choosing to die via self-inflicted endings.

Have you ever thought about ending your life?

If not, I get that… Here’s where I’d just ask you to encourage others looking for the same Light in a different darkness.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever thought about engaging Game Over, then I am compelled to tell you that I will be your friend. (You can also explore these 4 Practical Yet Unorthodox Methods to Navigate Depressive Episodes.)

Ha. Yep. I’m assuming you will stick around because as friends, we’ll help each other. 

Yeah, I don’t have many friends, and it’s hard to imagine offering more of myself to another living Being due to my self-contained power management systems thriving on pure solitude… but you need a friend.

Bare minimum, you need a life coach cheerleader and I’m here rooting for you.

Isn’t that what friends do?

Don’t worry, I win, too, because I believe as we connect with others, we will further develop our One purpose on this plane.

Ha, yes, I am offering to be your friend if you promise to stick around and keep participating in this Role Playing Game (RPG) with me on earth. And as friends, I also like to ask different questions like:

If you are a User, a self-conscious Being, experiencing your own Personal Navigation System (PGS) in a game, then do you believe your Being’s consciousness will end when your host body ceases to breathe?

What does the science say?

What does your faith show?

I look at these physical anchors as the most precious electromagnetic organical systems available in this realm’s white market. So why trash it?

Hmm, yes, things can suck. They can go beyond black. 

But what if tomorrow was better?

Or what if today was awesome?

Hmm, what’s happening to you right now? You’re reading my mental particles and we’re making a new bond where you accept me as your friend without a full background check.  🙂

Okay, so what else do we need to start improving things starting now?

Trust is key. We need it to be a conduit.

Do you trust yourself?

What thoughts haunt you? Who ignited them? Can you reboot your head and heart?

Look, if we’re going to be friends, I need you to be your best healthy self so we can properly connect, and this means you must be straight up with yourself.

So for real: Do you need a friend because you’re in a dark place? Do you want a friend because ya want a friend?  Please see the special box below to initiate the New Friend Initiative.

Launch this new experiment by providing your assigned name, email address, current mood, and favorite sweet so I know we’re on track.

Or email me at hello@DavidVillalva.com

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