Because yesterday, my outline containing 55 scenes was deemed complete. It remains imperfect, but I’m maintaining today’s the perfect day to start the process. I encourage you to explore here if you are interested in outlining and writing your own novel, fast.

In other news, here are a few random pieces connected to my past 7 days…

  • Someone told me that I could commit plagiarism against myself if I did not properly cite my own published words. I told this person that I will never sue myself.
  • Today, 11/1/2019, is the birthday of one of my best friends. Kilo, the Golden Doodle Prince, is now 4 years old. He is the most amazing canine companion this man can imagine.
  • Star gazing by day has continued during Fall despite colder weather. Star gazing by day? I mean staring at the sun sans glasses. The sun is most easily viewed for longer durations near dawn or dusk, but I quite like partaking at 44 to 45 degree angles. ** Disclaimer: I currently exist on an earth where I must tell you that I am not saying you should star gaze to reach optimal creation speeds. They say staring at the sun can be harmful to vision. Star gaze at your own risk. Choose your own adventure.
  • The total solar eclipse that I recorded in Scio, Oregon on 8/21/2017 reminds me of what the sun looks like after extended viewing periods. Watch and listen here.
  • I realized that on a future day, I will visit another visual wonder known as the aurora borealis.