Case Study: Killing Floor by Lee Child

by | Dec 25, 2015

Part 1

1%-26%  –  Status Quo a.k.a. Setup

  • Reacher wants to leave Margrave, GA but must prove his innocence in a homicide investigation

Part 2

27%-48%  –  Reactivity a.k.a. Caution

  • Reacher follows clues his brother left behind, discovers key info & new deaths in town while learning to trust Officer Rosco & Detective Finley

Part 3

49%-77%  –  Proactivity a.k.a. Attack

  • Reacher neutralizes the people trying to kill him, teams up with Rosco & Finley to pursue all leads & uncover what’s really happening in Margrave

Part 4

78%-100%  –  Lucidity a.k.a. Resolution

  • Reacher & Finley now know all the players & must take down the money operation & rescue Roscoe, Hubble’s wife & two kids

Key Plot Milestones

1% – Seize a.k.a. Hook

  • Reacher’s arrested in a local diner for murder

26% – Story Goal Launch a.k.a. 1st Plot Point

  • Reacher commits to stay in town & solve the murders when he learns the second victim was his brother

37% – Face Time a.k.a. 1st Pinch

  • Reacher meets Mayor Grover Teale face to face & encourages Reacher to leave town & stay away

48% – Illumination a.k.a. Midpoint

  • Reacher uncovers Hubble’s not a clean, he’s a full-time crook & he’s central to the multi-billion dollar counterfeiting scam

68% – Face Time 2.0 a.k.a. 2nd Pinch

  • Reacher & Teale again, Teale threatens to have Reacher arrested but Reacher warns he’ll kick Teale’s butt

77% – Story Goal Enlightenment a.k.a. 2nd Plot Point

  • Reacher realizes his dead brother told him where to find the final clue, in the A/C boxes at Stoller’s garage

93% – Face Time Apex a.k.a. Climax

  • Reacher meets Teale in a gunfight where four hostages must be saved

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